Alphabétisation et développement durable au Maroc. Writing speed, if not always explicit, is implied in any of the countless charts or diagrams that attempt to illustrate the evolution of the Latin script from majuscules to minuscules Figure 5. The capitalis monumentalis have remained almost unchanged up to present day — likewise the Tiinagh letterforms — but those informal everyday styles experienced an independent evolution, leading to a multitude of hands all over Europe. Therefore, its letters present many similarities with the cursive styles homogeneous widths, ascend- ers and descenders but are more structured and consistently built, which helps create an even visual rhythm in texts and a more uniform colour on the page. International Journal of the Sociology of Language.

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The survey comprises a relection on different writing traditions in search of the general principles inherent in cursiveness. The endeavour is signiicant, and the approach — the design of new unprecedented shapes aimed primarily at writing rather than reading — is a remarkably unusual challenge. The Unicode Standard is the universal character-en- coding standard used for representation of text for computer pro- cessing. Publier les commentaires Atom. Imprimerie Nationale, 3rd edition Khadaoui, Ali. The reported changes over these periods seem to be related to replacements of old shapes by new ones rather than stylistic in- novations.

ircam font tifinagh

Interview about typeface design and the cursive and lowercase developments. Concerning typeface design, ircam have published more than 25 digital fonts since Texture in long texts is still uneven.

ircam font tifinagh

The main drawback is the lack of an uppercase proofs of usage, which makes this a tricky set not even in a separate ilemaking the use of a different font question to solve. Therefore, a sound presenta- 1.


Khacer Med Ouramdane Atsamrouch. The British Library Camps, G.

Tifinaghe représente les caractères d’écriture en langue Amazighe ou Tamazight. Origin and Development of the Libyco-Berber Script. The irst known case of a system to write with the Tiinagh script on a computer dates back to Up to About Despite this widespread presence, however, its use decreased dramatically due to coloni- sation, and only the Tuaregs kept it alive.

Comme ça, vous obtiendrez le texte en Tifinaghe. The major ones regarding their use as mother-tongue languages are Moroccan Arabic, Amazigh and French.

Polices et claviers UNICODE

Its overall aspect is graceful but perhaps more appro- priate for a light than a regular see comparison with Minion in Figure 5. In this par- ticular case, the extra vertical stroke that dif- ferentiates letter yadd from yatt is rendered as a diacritic iracm to simplify and open the character.

Signage and information design are a customary domain for Tiinagh as that was historically one of its main purposes.

In addition, the propos- al sought to turn the angularity and geometry of the capitals into more gentle shapes without forgetting macro-typographic aspects like rhythm, texture and page colour. The alphabet is consonan- tal and written from right to left using Tuareg letters from the Azger and Ahaggar territories South Algeria.

In their view, any other fony would mean neglecting the Amazigh identity. As mentioned in Section 5. As long as the meaning of the words engraved has become clearer for the Tuareg people, they are no longer re- ported as transitional, which makes the demarcation be- tween these two periods rather vague Figure 3. Further preserved examples of hand writing in Tiinagh are not found until the s.


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The Arabic script is often associated with Arabisation and Islam, which raises either criticism or support depending on the provenance of the appraisal. It also introduces the Institut Royal de la Culture Amazighe ircamthe public institution that issued the digital fonts that will be analysed in Chapters 4 and 5. Hence those coincident letters would be derived from the old Phoenician alphabet whereas other signs would have been added to complete an innovative writing system Pichler b: Used in short texts, as in the traditional epigraphic forms, this is not a problem.

As a general rule, these modiied alphabets are referred to as Neotiinagh. Université de Alger Galand, Lionel. Once the standard is achieved, the need to extend the Tiinagh typographic repertoire becomes a priority.

After having set this necessary framework, Chapters 4 and 5 will analyse in depth the typographic contribution of the ircam, focus- ing speciically on the projects aimed at the development of cursive and lowercase alphabets. Stakes, Challenges, and Strategies. Suggested ancestors are, among others, markable diversity of theories, referring to the Ugaritic cuneiform scripts or the Runic inscriptions.

ircam font tifinagh

The Tiinagh alphabet falls into this category, as it matches precisely these characteristics. There is neither a tufinagh typographical tradition nor a variety of type styles that could form the basis for any further designs.